The Power of Pee 5 Diseases Detectable Through Urine Tests

The Power of Pee: 5 Diseases Detectable Through Urine Tests

The urine test is one of the best and most powerful tests in the world of medical science. They can provide you with complete information about the health of a person. They can help doctors in making the right decision in terms of diagnosing and monitoring multiple diseases. Let us check out the top 5 diseases that can be detected through a urine test.

The top 5 diseases detectable through urine tests

Some of the most possible diseases  that can be detected through urine tests would include

  • Diabetes – Diabetes is a serious disease and can be identified easily through a urine test. The test can detect the glucose levels in the urine. This can be an indication of the early signs of diabetes. This can further prompt other blood tests.
  • Kidney diseases – Kidneys play a very major role in filtering the waste from the body and help in the removal of toxins from the body. Urine tests can reveal the presence of creatinine and albumin. An elevated level of these substances will mean kidney damage or kidney disease.
  • Urinary tract diseases – Urine tests can also be the best choice to detect the symptoms of Urinary tract diseases or infections. UTI is typically caused by a bacterial infection in the urinary system and can lead to conditions that may be mild to severe. The urine tests can help you in identifying the presence of bacteria, white blood cells, and other abnormalities in the urine. This can assist the healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating the Urinary tract infections efficiently.
  • Liver diseases – The liver is the potent organ that controls several functions in your body. Urine tests can help you in offering insights into liver functions by measuring the level of bilirubin and urobilinogen. An elevated level of these substances can indicate the liver dysfunction and help the doctors begin the treatment before the conditions become critical.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases – The urine test can also help determine the presence of organisms that can cause sexually transmitted diseases. It can be quite effective in taking early action in the cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

Urine tests have become the fundamental principle of modern medicine. It can aid in the detection of a wide range of diseases. Right from diabetes to kidney diseases to a whole lot of other diseases, you can explore several options for treating them at an early stage itself. The information provided by the urine tests should prove to be helpful in many ways before the condition reported by the disease becomes more critical. Make sure that you have consulted your healthcare professional well ahead of time.

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