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Thyroid Scan in Bangalore

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At Cadabam’s Diagnostics, we provide comprehensive thyroid scans to assess the structure and function of the thyroid gland. Our state-of-the-art imaging technology and experienced professionals enable accurate diagnosis and guide appropriate treatment for thyroid disorders.

What is a Thyroid Scan?

A thyroid scan is like a special camera snap of your thyroid gland. It uses a tiny amount of radioactive stuff to get a clear picture. This helps doctors see if your thyroid is working right or if there are any lumps that shouldn’t be there. It’s a quick and easy way to check up on thyroid health. 

Purpose of the Thyroid Scan Test

A thyroid scan is like a detective tool for your neck’s mini-factory. It helps doctors figure out if this factory is overworking, slacking off, or if there’s a suspicious lump hanging around. By taking a peek inside with this scan, they can decide the best way to fix any issues. It’s super useful for catching problems early or tracking how well treatment is working.

How should I prepare for the Thyroid Scan?

Getting ready for a thyroid scan is pretty chill. You might need to skip certain meds or foods that could crash the scan party, like iodine-rich stuff or thyroid medications. Your doc will give you the lowdown on what to avoid to make sure the scan gets a clear shot. Sometimes, you’ll have to fast for a few hours before the test – a mini hunger strike for good results.

Why Go for Our Thyroid Scans?

Thyroid scans are valuable diagnostic tools used to evaluate the structure and function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism and hormone production, making it essential to assess its health and detect any abnormalities or disorders.Thyroid scans aid in the diagnosis of various thyroid conditions, including thyroiditis, goiter, nodules, and thyroid cancer.
During a thyroid scan, an ultrasound probe is placed on the neck, the size and the morphology of the thyroid gland is assessed. We also assess the other surrounding structures like the submandibular and the parotid salivary glands. We assess the neck for any enlarged lymph nodes.
There are no side effects associated with the procedure. Cadabams diagnostics being a tertiary referral centre with experienced radiologists we also perform guided FNAC and Biopsies for various lesions.

Get Scan Reports Within 30 minutes of the scan!

At Cadabam’s Diagnostics, we understand the importance of timely and accurate results. Our dedicated team of professionals works diligently to ensure the swift processing and analysis of the thyroid ultrasound scan images.

In most cases, you can expect to receive your thyroid scan reports within 30 minutes. We prioritise efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and attention to detail. Our experienced radiologists thoroughly review and interpret the images to provide comprehensive and reliable reports.

We also offer convenient options for accessing your test reports.

Step in for the Most Hassle-Free, Reasonably Priced Thyroid Scans!

Our commitment to advanced technology, experienced professionals, and patient care ensures that you receive comprehensive thyroid evaluations and support for your thyroid health. Choose Cadabam’s Diagnostics for your thyroid scan, and rest assured that you will receive accurate and reliable results to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders.

Schedule an appointment with us today, and experience our dedication to excellence in thyroid imaging and diagnostics. Let us contribute to your healthcare journey by providing comprehensive thyroid scans and assisting in the effective management of thyroid disorders.


  1. How much does a thyroid scan cost in bangalore? 
    The cost of a thyroid scan in Bangalore starts at around ₹1,499. Prices can vary based on the diagnostic center and the specific type of scan or test required.

  2. What is the test for a thyroid scan?
    A thyroid scan requires the following tests: Radioactive Iodine Uptake (RAIU) Test,Imaging.

  3. How do I prepare for a thyroid scan?
    You may need to stop eating for several hours before the test. If the test is being done to check for thyroid cancer, you may have to eat a low-iodine diet for several days before the test.
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