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Cadabam's Diagnosticsisthe Most Reliable Diagnostic Facility in Bangalore for Diabetes test, Sugar test, FBS and PPBS!

If you are searching for a trustworthy diagnostic center in Bangalore that specializes in Diabetes test, Sugar test, FBS, and PPBS, your search ends here. At Cadabam’s Diagnostics, we offer comprehensive diabetes testing services, including:

Why Opt for Our Services?

Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) Test

The Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) test is a common diagnostic test used to measure the blood sugar level after fasting for a specific period, usually overnight. This test provides valuable information about how your body regulates blood sugar levels in the absence of food. It is an essential tool for diagnosing diabetes and monitoring its management.

Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) Test

The Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) test is performed to measure blood sugar levels after consuming a meal. This test helps evaluate how your body processes glucose after eating and provides insights into your body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels. It is particularly useful in diagnosing diabetes and monitoring post-meal blood sugar control.

Get Reliable Results and a Comfortable Experience!

Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals ensure reliable results and a comfortable experience for our patients. We are known for:

Accurate and Prompt Results

At Cadabam’s Diagnostics, we understand the importance of accurate and prompt results for effective diabetes management. Our experienced professionals and advanced testing equipment ensure reliable outcomes for FBS and PPBS tests. We strive to provide results within the shortest possible time to facilitate timely medical intervention and treatment planning.

Patient-Centric Approach

We prioritize your comfort and convenience throughout the testing process. Our team of professionals is trained to provide a patient-centric experience, ensuring you feel at ease during the diabetes test, sugar test, FBS, and PPBS procedures. We understand that managing diabetes can be challenging, and we are here to support you by offering a stress-free testing environment.
Cadabam’s Diagnostics in Banashankari is the ideal diagnostic center that you can always rely on, for a wide range of medical exams and scans for diabetes and blood sugar tests. We offer comprehensive testing services, with a focus on accuracy, promptness, and patient comfort. Trust us to provide reliable results and assist you in effectively managing your diabetes.

Echocardiography Test Packages


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Dr S Pradeep
MBBS, MD , DNB Radiodiagnosis
Consultant specialist in Radiology and Fetal Medicine
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Dr Divya Cadabam
MBBS , MD Radiodiagnosis
Consultant specialist in Radiology and Fetal Medicine
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Dr Shreyas Cadabam
MBBS , MD Radiodiagnosis
Consultant specialist in Radiology
and Interventional Musculoskeletal imaging
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Our Services


Karl Mehta Patient

An excellent, state-of-the-art facility for Fetal Medicine in Bangalore. Dr S. Pradeep and Dr. Divya Bafna are patient, diligent, and thorough in their work and diagnoses. They want the best outcome for the pregnant mother, her spouse, and family. They have a dedicated media room to inform the pregnant mother and her spouse regarding details of the important scans that they have undergone or will undergo during their appointment.

Samarth Rai Patient

Went here for my wife's 12th week NT scan and NIPT test. Dr Pradeep and Dr Divya know their craft really well, especially when it comes to fetal scans. A thorough examination was done covering all bases giving a clear understanding to the patients. The support staff here are also quite competent with almost seamless registration and payment services and minimal wait time.

Vibha S Patient

Thoroughly professional and a very comfortable experience at Cadabam’s diagnostic centre. Special mention about Dr.Divya Cadabam is warranted for her expertise in the field and patient care.

Deepa C N Patient

Well equipped...good lab...done fetal echo and tiffa scan..Dr.pradeep is too good and well explained everything..


We had a good experience 😌. The staff were very helpful and friendly . 🤗. They helped us as it was our first time here . It was very well organized 👏. It was hygienically maintained . They didn't make us wait long for the report it was handed to us in just 10 minutes. I would like to recommend this diagnostic centre. 🤗😃