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Cadabam's Diagnostics Offers Fast, Affordable and Accurate Blood Tests at Home in Bangalore

Get fast and affordable blood test services without leaving your home.

  • Preferred option for top Doctors and Hospitals.
  • Sample collection at home for free.
  • Appointment slots start at 6:30 AM, every day.
  • Services offered on Sundays as well.
  • Receive accurate test results via WhatsApp and Email within 24 hours

Get your blood tests done at home with Cadabam's Diagnostics

No need to travel to a diagnostic center; get your blood tests done conveniently at home. Our skilled team will collect your samples safely and efficiently, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Currently, our lab at home service is available in Banashankari, Uttarahalli, JP Nagar, Ilyas Nagar and Padmanabhanagar.

Obtain 100% accurate results, with our experienced Phlebotomists!

With our team of experienced phlebotomists, you can trust that your samples will be collected correctly, ensuring 100% accurate results. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and precise diagnostic services.

Trust Cadabam's Diagnostics for conducting fast Blood Tests at Home

Need blood tests done quickly? Trust Cadabam's Diagnostics! Our team can conduct fast blood tests at home, ensuring you get your results promptly without compromising on accuracy or quality.

Rest Assured, We Have Many Years of Diagnostics Experience

With years of experience in diagnostics, Cadabam's Diagnostics is a trusted name in the field. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment ensure the highest quality of service.

How to book a Blood Test at Home?

Scheduling a home visit for a blood test with Cadabam's Diagnostics is simple and straightforward.
Simply provide your location details during the booking process.
Our certified phlebotomists will come to your home to collect your sample.
Enjoy the convenience of having your samples collected at home and receive speedy, precise reports on your health.
Cadabam's Diagnostics boasts a team of over 200 pathologists and over 2000 technicians who offer a wide array of diagnostic services. We offer a comprehensive selection of clinical laboratory tests and profiles that are utilized for predicting, detecting early, screening, confirming, and monitoring diseases.
Our services span from routine to semi-specialty and super-specialty areas, including Ultrasound, X-Ray, Physiotherapy, and more.

Why choose Cadabam’s Diagnostics?

12+ Attractive Health Packages
Top-Grade Radiological Skills
Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Software Programs
State-of-the-art Diagnostic Equipments
Highly Qualified Staffs
Serving all Diagnostic Requirements
Very Affordable Rates

Get the Best Care, from the Best Medical Professionals!

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  • Your sample will then be transported to the nearest collection center and will be centrifuged before sending to the lab for processing.
  • Once the results are processed in the Cadabam’s Diagnostics Lab, our medical experts at Metropolis will verify the results will be shared with you via email or you can download the report by login into our website –
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